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Autoverse Collective

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Autoverse Collective Identity

Autoverse Collective, is purely based on collecting cars, we're building a community and culture of like-minded enthusiasts to connect and trade what we love.
Everyone has their backstory to how they got into cars and the majority remember with great detail.
Partnerships with cultural icons; licensed with manufacturers and key influential figures in the industry to provide the best authentic platform for true enthusiasts to come together.
What drives us to create Autoverse Collective is the desire to play something like it; however, nothing similar exists with our level of authenticity though licensing and production values. In our market analysis, our findings ultimately targeted a demographic that has a combined interest in cars and NFTs.
  • As with any car enthusiast, the ultimate goal is to build a uniquely curated collection of exclusive automobiles.
  • Players can display their dream lineup of cars through various garage designs with the ability to buy land with unlimited options for more garage space.
  • However, we aren’t just a game! Card collecting will be another important facet to AVC. More on that soon.
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